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Susan Dekkers – Office Manager | Rhodes Law Firm | Wake Forest, NC
(919) 435-3646

Susan Dekkers has been with our firm since early 2020. As our office manager, she oversees operations staff and coordinates our community service and pro bono involvement. She also holds a second role as a legal assistant in which she works closely with clients who are preparing to apply for Medicaid assistance.

Originally from Michigan, Susan earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Ohio University. Before coming to Rhodes Law Firm, PLLC, she was a career Computer Programmer for several Fortune 500 companies. She has lived in several states but made the triangle area her home 11 years ago.

Susan and her husband, Craig, are active members of Lifepointe Church and volunteer their time with their church and several local non-profits. In her spare time, Susan enjoys biking, traveling, astronomy, the Durham Bulls, and Michigan football.